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A familiar story: small town girl becomes infatuated with traveling. Moves to big city (Washington, DC) to take job that allows her to travel the country. Sells car to fund trip to Paris. Keeps saving money for a new couch but instead continually uses it to, yes, you guessed it, travel.

I am a US Sailing certified sailor (basic keelboat – I am certified to take out a 27’ daysailing sloop-rigged keelboat, but that doesn’t mean I will yet… still getting hours under my belt, usually zipping around on a Hobie Cat or Sunfish). Lover of all things on and about the water.  Passionate about sea turtles. Very lucky to have a family timeshare to beautiful St. John, USVI (every week 10, just when we’re getting weary of the March cold in Northeast US).

Foodie. Amateur mixologist with fondness for alcohol soaked fruits & veggies. Seeker of boozy cherries. Strong believer in sustainable agriculture, eating locally, and farmer’s markets.  Will willingly help and is able to assist with recommendations for great restaurants in most cities.

I believe in having fun and enjoying life. Formally tweeted @jennasail, recently changed to @cityandsand. Will blog about great experiences in urban environments (city) as well as those involving sea, sky, and beaches (sand).

Thanks in advance for reading and coming along on my travels!